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Default ahhhh...

Thanks, Bill.

The requirement to have the shot hosted on another server is what threw me, I reckon.

Well, in that case, click the link to see my other ride.

It's an '05 Gary Fisher Tassajara. Yeah, I'm one of those dorks with extentions on his riser bars, but, hey, more hand positions is more hand positions. Saddle is the Brookie off of my '80 Raleigh. I just love the look. Since, I've added Maxxis Hookworms. Heavy as heck, but impervious to flats and they give it a funny bottom-heavy feel that I like.

Wife has the silver/blue women-specific version with cantilevers instead of disks and I like the solid feel of her brakes. However, with the two boys and 50 pounds of groceries in the trailer, the disks on mine have no problem with our descent home from the store.

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