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Talking Westside: Orenco Station MAX to Newberg Loop

This is a metric century loop from Hillsboro to Newberg and back.

I choose Orenco Station MAX for convenience, and also choose Hwy 8 as a straight shot to the Forest Grove and Hwy 47. However, there are more scenic routes if you wish.
Newberg is right at the halfway point. One day I'll do the extra 10 or so miles to make it to Shampoeg State Park.

I rode this exact route today and can only say "WOW". It was absolutely spectacular this time of year. There was a bit of commerce traffic on Springhill but the roads are good with reasonable visibility. If you do rural routes on a regular basis, you might like this route. It just keeps you rolling right along and no major grades except maybe the climb out of Newberg. It's fairly short to only 400 ft. (220 ft. gain). Total elevation gain is about 1,000 ft. for the full 60 miles, much of which are rollers which you can slingshot. Of course, you can reverse the route depending on your tastes. Either way, it really brings home some of the rare scenic beauty we call Oregon.

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