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Lynnef...thanks for the correction.

I'll have to say, as a casual observer of the functionality of Central Beaverton streets for biking, I think one of the good things that's happened in the last 2-3 years, has been the Beaverton Saturday Farmer's Market. The broad appeal of that weekly event, located between legs of the Hall/Watson couplet, definitely seems to have been an incentive to more people to come to the market by way of bike, consequently obliging them to consider ability of the Hall and Watson thoroughfares to support practical travel by bike.

Though yet comparatively minimal to bike use in Portland, the bike racks near the market are full on market day. Many, many more people coming to the market by bike could send a very tangible, positive message to the city, that the functionality of its streets for biking needs attending to. Biking to the market makes sense in part, because car parking on surrounding neighorhood streets during market day has become close to being exhausted.

Very briefly last weekend at the market, I talked with a lady that was riding with her husband; both were riding recumbents. Asked about the route they would take home, she said to me: Hall, across Farmington and Canyon, west on Millikan. This is just one example that tells me, people traveling by bike definitely find the need to use the thoroughfares for travel, rather than the sidewalks. City Hall, the mayor, and the the police department needs to know this.
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