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Indeed, there is always -gray- since that is the way law is set up. However, when reasonable doubt exists, citizens should always be given preference.

Indeed, both 814.420 and 814.430 have all the information regarding relative law. The key words in the law include "preparing to execute..." which in this case, any car would do the same.

I did keep my cool even though the officer clearly favored an aggressive motor vehicle operator by tell me "...and I don't blame them!". In the law, cyclists are also considered "vulnerable persons" where the actions of the car was actually a significant offense. Had the officer waited a few moments, literally seconds, he would have known my intent and could (and should) have pursued the aggressive driver. This is the bias that urk'd me the most and has by doing so placed even more cyclists in danger.

You are right wsbob. I will make it a point to get to the next BBAC meeting. This needs resolution. Hesitation in a maneuver that is proven reliable poses more danger to me than knowing that I am indeed following the intent of the law.
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