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Today I was told by Beaverton's finest that taking the left lane before TV Hwy on Hall N.B. at Farmington Rd. was illegal. Although I insisted my intended lane was a left turn just across from TV Hwy which required one to be in the 3rd lane on the left, he continued to insist that I could only maintain the right lane as the law states that if there is no bike lane (after Farmington) that a bike must remain as far to the right as possible. So when are we suppose to work our way to your intended lane?

Anyway, if you look at this on a map and typical traffic patterns, and you indeed want to make the left after TV Hwy, this officer's recommendation is a great way to get killed if you try to establish that lane after Farmington.

He did have the nerve to tell me that a bicycle had the choice of using the sidewalk in Beaverton, and he did not know about no-sidewalk-biking in Hillsboro downtown. Hall at Farmington is considered Beaverton Town Center. The fact that he even suggested this just uirked me to no end.

And what set this off? The yahoo behind me that decided to honk at me through the Farmington intersection and sped around me. Not only was there obvious bias, but a potential road rage candidate was dismissed. I've done this route hundreds of times and never once has anyone done that. Maybe some impatience from time to time, but never this blatant. And now that it was witnessed by law enforcement, it was the cyclist that takes the heat. We have a long way to go to make cycling the norm in the USA.

What are your thoughts?
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