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Don't forget to stop by Coventry CycleWorks at Hall and Nimbus (NE corner).
I got my Beaverton bike map there.

"Know when to hold 'em..." is also a good policy for taking the lane until you get past Farmington (hwy 10) going SB.

On the way back, I take the lane on Hall from Farmington (start finding a space to the left from 5th) all the way past TV Hwy (hwy and hold the left lane all the way across. Very easy to keep up with traffic; just be visible! That puts you right next to Beaverton Central.

Personally, I don't like Hall itself and go out of my way to avoid it. That long sweeping downhill to the left on the southbound is one that gets a lot of inattentive drivers to drift into the bike lane. Sure, if you gotta get somewhere in a hurry, go for it, but remember there are a lot of cars doing just that, only to be thwarted by the light at Greenway.

Watch out for parked car doors in Beaverton-proper!
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