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Originally Posted by superstator View Post
I'm working my way back into commuting after an injury and change of jobs, and wondering if anybody has suggestions for a route from Beaverton Transit Center down to the Washington Square area (Nimbus & Hall, specifically)? Google maps says Cedar Hills blvd and Hall, but I bet there's better options. I'm coming from NE and was planning on taking max out and skipping the west hills till I'm in better shape.
Good suggestions made to pick up free maps. Wash County Visitors Association map is good. Beaverton bike map is good too. Pick it up at city hall on Griffith, or maybe at bike shops on Hall and Canyon: Bike Gallery, or Performance: Hall and Center (in the little strip mall).

Suggested route from the Beav Transit Center to Hall/Nimbus: forget Cedar Hills Blvd. Right out of the transit center, Lombard...well signaled, big road allows mostly safe crossing of Beaverton's two thoroughfares from hell, leads south towards your destination...has decent bike lanes until Denney.

On Denney, you could turn west, and travel a short distance to catch Hall for a fast, straight shot to Nimbus. Okay bike lanes, lots of noisy car traffic. Or you could turn east at Denney, and as the other guys said, catch the slower Fanno Creek MUP trail south for a car-free, pastoral but pedestrian utilized route to Hall. From the Fanno Creek trail meeting with Hall, it's just a short distance on Hall to Nimbus.

May your injuries soon be a distant memory.
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