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Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
I tend to have more trouble with iPlod'rs on the trail than I do with idiots on the roadways.
That's the main reason I avoid popular trails: pedestrians can change direction much more suddenly than anything other than a butterfly, cars at least have to turn their steering wheel first.

As for faired trikes I really like the Greenspeed Glyde. Alas I don't have the $15,000 to drop on one.
And in reality I keep thinking it would be cool if the fairing could retract in to some very compact form. My cracked skull keeps going back to the sci-fi movie Stargate; Ra's serpent guards had these armored headpieces that would retract in to the collar.

I know it isn't real but I've been tinkering with the idea of replicating the functionality with a rigid frame and thin weatherproof fabric. My spin is to use pressurized air tubes/bladders for a rigid frame member. When pressurized high enough it would provide the same rigidity as solid supports but when deflated a properly designed fabric shell could use elastic to roll up/stow/retract.
Alas this idea needs money because the pressures probably need to be over 100psi and the scientific field of "structural pneumatics" doesn't seem to exist yet. ):
Knowledge is NOT a crime.

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