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Default Urban Sluice Way

Ignoring for now Hall Blvd, high traffic highway it is, the light industrial business park also presents some issues.

When I worked and commuted there the traffic in the park was much less predictable: many lot entrances, short block length, large trucks and the rush to find the least crowded exit on to Hall. Quite often I've seen vehicles abandon normal road travel for high speed shortcuts through multiple parking lots and sudden dangerous crossing of road traffic on their way to opposite parking lots. Much like small children would do running through the area but at high speed in an automobile.
All in all I'd characterize it as similar to cycling through a big box mall parking lot on a big sale day at JCPennys.

The westbound downhill from Hall on to Nimbus encourages drivers to not slow down for their right turns; plan accordingly.

I'm sure there is some informal and unimproved access to Fanno Creek Trail from some of the lots adjacent but it has been so long since I rode that trail all I remember is muddy foot paths.

Personally I'd like to take a faired tadpole trike west up Hall to the top of the hill past SW Greenway Blvd. Wait at the top of the hill for the light to turn green and show the muggles what a rocket ship I'm riding
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