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Default What to do @ Weidler & Williams?

Ok folks, looking for some advice on etiquette and/or the legal way to turn left from Weidler onto N. Williams. We've all had this happen, I'm sure. What I'm talking about is you come up Weidler and go onto that newish sidewalk/bike path thing that puts you onto Williams. Problem is, this time of year N Williams is getting busy so if the light has been red for a while chances are good you can't make a left and get into the bike lane because it's full.

Instead you have a couple options:
1) ride the wrong way (south) down N. Willaims to get to the back of the line or
2) stay in the bike box thing that keeps cars in the left two lanes back, but by doing so you basically cut in front of all the bikes piled up in the bike lane.

What's the protocol here? I almost always go with option #2 because salmon'ing down N. Williams into oncoming traffic seems like a bad idea (remember, the 17 bus stays in the lane next to the bike lane).
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