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Originally Posted by q`Tzal View Post
There are legions of "non street legal" vehicles out there that are perfectly legal when used on private property. Furthermore, if any other on street laws applied to off street driving we wouldn't have legal race tracks, legal testing of experimental vehicles or fun things like go-carts or dune buggies.
private property isn't the same as public space at a private business... you can't just drive your street legal car onto the race track... but you can drive it into the Best Buy parking lot... because the parking lot if open to the public that means that certain traffic laws can be enforced... bored cops will often patrol parking lots looking for expired registration... they know you drive your car on the public road to get there...

those race cars are allowed on the race track because they didn't drive there and they won't drive away from there... what you do on private property is your business...

Originally Posted by q`Tzal View Post
Is that a STOP or a YIELD?
[citation needed]
looks like a stop... 811.505 Failure to stop when emerging from alley, driveway or building


Originally Posted by q`Tzal View Post
The easiest to ignore is the hazards to others that don't affect us.
I've only been hit once, at very low speed... the car was stopped at a stop sign looking down the street the direction I was coming from... as soon as I got in front of his car he took off to make the turn onto the road I was on... he kicked my back wheel out with his bumper... I had a front blinky and xmas lights on... when he got out and saw me he said "I don't know how I didn't see you" but looking back at all the light pollution in the direction he was looking I could understand how he wasn't paying attention for something small that wasn't a threat to him...
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