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Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
I was out on Roy Rogers road Sunday and watched a driver coming out of the garden shop's parking lot. The driver was stopped checking traffic. A runner, in full blaze-green, thinking she was seen continues past the car when the car started to pull out onto the road. The runner damn near jumped onto the SUV's hood.

People just don't seem to have their heads screwed on completely when it comes to shopping.
I've always surmised that this is a subconscious function of hazard prioritization.
When pulling out in to traffic we instinctively look for things that are a direct hazard to us right now, then potential future hazards to ourselves and then how we might be of harm to others. Very often these hazards are balanced, traded and ignored in the impatience to proceed. The easiest to ignore is the hazards to others that don't affect us.
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