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Originally Posted by Spiffy View Post
glad that you put "reasonable" in quotes
Reasonable is like "common sense" to me: it depends greatly on the context of where and when you define it.

In the format of those SAT analogy questions:
"knowing how to hunt and butcher your own meat" is to "knowing proper online data security standards" IS AS "knowing how to drive in the country" is to "driving in the city".

These are entirely different skill sets based on vastly different learning environments; I've never gone hunting but I know what it takes to secure data both on and offline. Similarly: I was taught to drive by my drag racer father in the DEEP backwoods of South Carolina (really, I've never hunted ever). I never had problems until I had to adapt to city traffic patterns. There were just so many things coming from so many different directions; I totaled a few vehicles. My bad driving habits which were easier to correct for in sparse rural driving environs were nearly deadly in urban areas.

Perhaps we expect too much of "just plain folk" to be able to flawlessly perform a complicated and potentially deadly task in vastly different operating environments.
Knowledge is NOT a crime.

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