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Lightbulb Finally managed to make my own... pt 2

Continued from pt 1

Using my Swiss Army Knife's chisel I removed a part of the centerline ridge on the GP mount, then drilled a hole through it into the cavity for the old deck screw. I then did basically the same in the back of the GP mount. I had to make sure that the zip-tie wasn't too wide (thus preventing the GP's clip from sliding into place).

On my first attempt, I tried to round the edges of the cuts I made with a lighter (big mistake, only managed to mar the finish).

Lastly, I pinned the hinge back together, and slipped the rubber anti-slip pads back into place.

The mount is working fine, now if I can only re-arrange the dashboard, I should be able to do everything used to do (plus some).

I mounted the handlebar portion rotated back to allow me to push the camera forward and prevent the camera from rolling down while riding. This also prevents the camera from falling off if it's not fully clipped in.
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