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Lightbulb Finally managed to make my own...

Using a spare NR Cordless MiNewt's Mount, and one of GoPro's self-adhesive helmet mounts I've finally created a mount that fits the bill (mostly, I didn't want to have to mod parts).

To do this, I had to remove the articulated (rotating) mounting deck of the NR mount. To do that, I first had to remove the rubber anti-slip pads from the main body. Next I had to pull the pin that holds the hinge together (was trapping the screw behind it). Next, I removed the screw that holds the main body of the mount to the deck.

The NR's main body has a step down in the back. So, to improve the adhesive contact area, I removed the GP's adhesive that would overhang the mount once it was stuck together, then applied it to the area where there was a gap was.

After mating the GP mount to the NR mount, To ensure that if the adhesive ever fail the camera wouldn't fall, I decided to zip-tie the mounts together as well. I drilled a hole in the face of the NR main body.

continued in pt 2.
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