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Lightbulb Dealt With A Heavy Horned Idiot Yesterday...

Was in Portland yesterday heading from school to the doctors office (possible torn ligaments, broken fibula). I find that a bike is a lot faster than crutches, and doesn't wrench my back (also hurt) nearly as much.

I've ridden with a broken leg before (and torn ligaments), and this feels nearly identical.

I'm on the bike, heading downhill taking the full lane, when everything aligns, and I make the light, don't have to dodge peds. As it turns out, I am the lead vehicle stopped at the red in the next block. I hear behind me a car start honking out of frustration for being caught behind me. Light changes, I ignore the fool (hopefully he'll turn a few blocks down). He honks a few times as we approach the next red, but due to my knowledge of pacing, I time it so we don't end up stopping. He honks a few times as we approach the next several lights, but I'm keeping pace with the lights.

By the time I finally got to Pioneer Courthouse Square, he's given up on honking. I saw him do a frustrated "WTF" kinda wave (no bird), and he speeds up when I finally move to park. I didn't react, but did get a chance to smile when I watched him hurry up to the next light where he was trapped by the two other cars ahead of him. I guess he was in a rush to hurry up and wait.

Hopefully his passenger was a new girlfriend who learned what kind of idiot he was, and dumps him.

Oh, and after seeing the doc, it knees turn out to be only bruised (bone and soft tissue), and no torn ligaments. So, I should be 100% in about a month.
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