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Default Vancouver vs Portland repair response

I've made a few online repair requests in Vancouver for potholes, lights out, damaged crossings etc and the response time is 2-3 weekdays for a fix (pretty impressive). Lately I've tried out Portland's online form starting out with getting the lights fixed on the path/tunnel in the NE corner of I-5 and Marine drive. 17 days to fix. Not bad and it's a much better ride now. Today I reported the shoddy patch job left behind after some utility work on the path behind the Hayden Island Safeway (holes in the patch, ruts, and not filling in the cut out sections with enough asphalt). Let's see how long this one takes. UPDATE : Just a heads up for anyone heading through that area. The patchwork is sinking in and getting worse. More holes have developed over night and the ruts are getting worse as the asphalt settles in. The cracked section near the North end of Safeway is basically destroyed from the trucks driving over it making it narrow for users and there are several cones blocking the damaged section. Careful out there!

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