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Talking The Return of a Fallen Soldier... My SAK's Been Restored.

It's been a while, but my old Swiss Army Knife that was damaged trying to clear the Fanno Creek Trail is on it's way home after spending some time with the manufacturer. According to FEDX it's on its way home today. (I'm broke, couldn't afford to send it in until this last January)

The tree that damaged it on December 2, 2009.

Here you can see the damaged Wood Saw, and chewed up Saw Liners (and the replacement knife in the background).

Can't wait to get home to find it on the porch.

After a few welcome home photos, it'll get a couple of extra's (I'm replacing the OEM Scales with Plus Scales and adding the Pen, Pin, and Miniature Screwdriver). Then it'll get a few more photos taken of it.

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