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Lightbulb Another couple of grates get work...

Back in July, I warned PBOT about this grate at the corner of SW Barbur Blvd and SW Condor Ave.

It's a steep section of road that comes in at a really sharp angle. If I was riding down Condor, and needed to do a right turn, I'd pull over to the right and drop my foot to the curb to help keep me upright while I check to see if it's safe to do the turn. That grate prevents me from doing that.

So, PBOT went out and put a temporary flashing warning sign over it the next day...

something like one of these...

And it sat there until the repaving of Barbur was finished. However, they never replaced the grate with a bike safe one. A car has been parked over that spot for some time, so I wasn't able to see what or if anything was done, until a few weeks ago, when I saw that nothing was done. A few calls into the 24 Hour hotline, and last week I saw that it was replaced with one that has straps welded over the slots, thus making it safe for us to ride over. (Photo Pending)

On another occasion, I was in Pioneer Courthouse Square, and I noticed that there is a grate that isn't ADA compliant. (too wide of gaps, oriented wrong, and (probably) made from non-compliant materials (something ran over it, bending the whole thing). (Photo pending upload).

I added this to a continuing complaint about the non-ADAAG compliant grates at PSU, and yesterday, I noticed that hey had it cordoned off. Another grate just a few feet away was compliant, how they managed to get one right, and one wrong, I'll probably never know. (Photo pending upload)

Now, if PDX or PSU can only get the grates fixed on campus...
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