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Exclamation Stopped Superbowl Drunks Tonight.

Stopped 6 drunks from driving home tonight. Today was the Superbowl. I'm not a big fan of football, so I took the time to go to my favorite study place and do some reading for tomorrow's class (midterms this week... oh Joy!).

While I was there, I witnessed several people who were quite unstable on their feet walk past (loudly talking with slurred speach), heading from the pub next door to their cars. Fortunately they were busy talking, but it was clear they were about to drive home in two cars. Having left my cell phone at home, I asked another regular at my hangout if he had a cell phone... Nope, but the off duty cop who walked in right after those people walked past did. He heard my request to call the cops, and went out and talked to them (just as they were backing up). He identified himself to them, and talked the driver into a quick field sobriety check. Everybody was happy (except for the guy who was backing the 49's), and they realized that they could get into a lot of trouble if they drove home. A few calls to the kids, and their new drivers arrived to take them home.

I bought the cop's meal as a Thank You, then took the back way to get home. Once there, I called the non-emergency dispatch to request additional patrols around the pub.

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