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Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
K'Tesh, I wouldn't write off that Minoura clamp to quick.
I appreciate your feedback.

However, I refuse to pay over $30 for a mount (gotta buy both parts (plus shipping) that doesn't meet my requirements.

I absolutely have zero faith in camera tripod mounts due to my previous disappointments.

I want don't want that long mount dangling off of my camera as I'm dragging it around every day. That set screw (which I realize could have locTite used) is too much of a hassle. I just want to "set it, and forget it".

Originally Posted by Alan View Post
But I hear you K'Tesh, it's surprising that GoPro doesn't offer a ready-made quick-disconnect mount for bikes with the features you mentioned. Seems like an obvious niche to me.
It does seem like an obvious niche, why they haven't acted on this (actually this is the 2nd time I've brought this to them) before.

GoPro, or NiteRider, or some entrepreneur (Ronco?), will eventually make what I'm describing, and when they do, I'll buy it. If not, when I have the time, I'll make it myself and sell them.

If you build it, people will buy... If you build it, people will buy...

I just hope they'll ease my pain, and go the distance....
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