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Default Just sent this to NiteRider...

Just sent this to NiteRider...

The NiteRider Lumina Mount Adapter for GoPro Camera's‏
Hi Rich,

Commuting cyclists are increasingly carrying cameras to document their rides for fun and legal reasons. We need a simple mount to apply and remove our cameras when we get to our destinations.

Here's a quick bit of my conversations about this subject on BikePortland and Bikeforums

This is taken from:

For perspective, Here's what GoPro has...

And it SUCKS! Unscrewing the thing while trying to hustle to work, or trying to prevent it from pivoting is a major PITA!

Here's what I want...

Minoura Camera Mount with GoPro Tripod Mount...
What I'm looking for is something like this... but without the DIY aspect.

I don't like those standard Tripod mounts. Every one I've ever used couldn't be locked down to the point that they wouldn't be able to vibrate loose. When I tightened them down to the point that they were unlikely to vibrate loose, they either broke what I was using, a sudden shock would knock them loose again, or the camera would end up at some odd angle.

The Minoura Camera Mount Holder with the GoPro Tripod Mount.

As for the Minoura mount. I have two of their bar extenders, and I'm not 100% thrilled with them either. The rubber pads (actually clear vinyl) that are meant to prevent them from pivoting down from vibration are not physically part of the clamp. When I unclamp them, I've ended up wasting a lot of time looking for those pads when they fall off/out. To keep the mount firm, I've found that it's better to clamp it down, then tighten the set screw with a hex wrench, than to try to clamp the thing down after tightening the screw. Removing the clamp always results in the set screw getting loose. Besides all that, having that ungainly bit of metal dangling off of the camera when I take it off seems fraught with risk of loss or damage.
end pt 1

Link to part 2
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