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Default Summer Touring Plans

I've been thinking about warmer weather plans for 2013. I'm gearing up for some light touring and want to explore some new places. I've put together a tentative route here:

I'd love to hear feedback from anyone familiar with the areas. Once I arrive in Eugene I expect to start following the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway, not the rough approximation thrown up on bikely.

Here are my big questions:
-What are the virtues of taking hwy 26 down to Madras instead of the NF-46 to Detroit? I'm okay with more traffic, climbing and less shoulder if the scenery is worth seeing.
-Are Sahalie and Koosah Falls so awesome I should detour to see them? If I do I will almost definitely cut Eugene out of the loop, so for that matter, what's worth seeing in Eugene?
-I was considering riding mostly east of the Willamette Bikeway and going to Abiqua Falls on the return ride, but only if I can add a few more natural wonders to that possible route. Ideas?

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