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Default Skateboarder on Hall going southbound at 5th, against traffic, Beaverton, Oregon, USA

12/30/2012, about 4:45PM. Hall and 5th, Beaverton, Oregon, USA. I'm going northbound on Hall. I am about to make a right turn to go eastbound on 5th. Hall at this point is one way, northbound. I encountered a southbound skateboarder, crossing against the traffic light, against traffic, in the right turn lane. I'm in the right turn lane and I'm not in the bike lane at this point because I'm about to make a right turn. We missed each other. I didn't say anything to him because what I would have said I don't think I wanted to have recorded.

I am not a lawyer. The skateboarder was in compliance with Oregon Revised Statutes 814.600; he was wearing a helmet. I don't know whether or not skateboarders are required by law to travel with traffic in Oregon. I did not see anything in the ORS specifically says so one way or the other. Anybody know?

Here's some stills:

And, here's a link to the video:
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