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Spambots seem to be a big problem here at the forums. Of the following, just now copied and pasted 'active users' from the forums home page, how many aren't spambots?:
45fx5p9h, Actittert, adurgkqae, aiytxnn, asdasdzvcl, AttaleCar, bnjdrwyk, cxqgoswatfpv, dKvEkDeBfV, edseiwdwmkv, fiyklqns, Gaiscums, gbsgyiru, gfpxbhwc, hdgypshpaj, hggahjdntjc, jfpgbkvqokw, kkwinlrl, ktdmxnhkr, kukisis, lakupdasplept, lgjgwhng, nidocati, Nokimick, nYyKyBlZfO, pguszYvgT, qmbsdxxm, qvhidrte, rdrdkct, TakspaskRuila, Trerrenna, xdvwonrduv, xinwugu, ycxletrdo, Zegonregled
Not a one of those user names appear to be one that a real person would pick.
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