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Originally Posted by Spiffy View Post
I take that route all the time... going north the bike lane ends at Walgreens (2nd)... southbound the bike lane ends at 9th... so there's no bike-lane pinch point, there's simply no bike lane...

I always used to ride the narrow shoulder... now I just stay in the right side of the lane due to the many close-calls that almost made me go onto the unpaved shoulder and lose control...
Yes, I take the lane there, too, when I take 97th.

I should have mentioned in my previous post about SE 7th Street, I move into the car lane in front of Crestline Elementary even though it's marked by that 8" bike lane stripe. It clearly is NOT an adequate bike lane and doesn't meet any sort of bike lane standard or code. (WA does not have a mandatory sidepath requirement: RCW 46.61.770.) Heck, my wife's trike won't even fit on that stripe of paving so she HAS to take the lane.

Another really 'tupid bit of street design right there at Crestline is the clumsy sidewalk bulb-out into the westbound lanes near 130th (you can cruise down to it on that view I posted previously). It isn't even at the street corner, not part of any obvious curb system, and it just juts right into the bike lane, forcing bikes to either hit the curb or swerve into traffic. It would be safer if signs and street markings merged bikes and cars together for that stretch in front of the school; it would even be safer for the elementary kids as bikes would be a "traffic calming" presence. Actually, all of 7th should be a "neighborhood greenway" sort of street...but that gets into a <hint, HINT!>Clark County forum</> sort of discussion.

Yeah, Vancouver has a few glitches in its bike infrastructure.
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