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Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post

100 feet on a bike is along time of compromised control of the bike. I signal a turn judiciously, but when stopping, I am much more interested in having 2 brake handles in hand. Its kind of important on a recumbent trike with both brakes up front.

Having said that, when I know there are bicycles behind me in the bike lane, I will signal slowing then.

This particular law's text could probably benefit from a little re-write. The words 'at least' are probably excessive in most road situations.

For arriving at a sense of how long to signal in advance of a turn, I'd say also that 'seconds' of display time may be more useful than expecting people to reliably estimate 100' distances. At least 2 seconds of display time seems essential...up to 10 seconds if situations allow for it.

What sometimes works good for me as well, is rather than displaying the signal continuously, displaying it for shorter periods during the time when first displaying it and finally getting to the stop, turn or whatever. This allows returning the hand to the bars, brakes so on. Still can allow getting the message across to other people on the road.
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