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Like staring at the face of the sun bright

Some other parts of the commute-
that roundabout one way by I84 exit 17 if a nightmare. I started taking Marine Dr to avoid it, but yeah looking at the map and seeing the Gresham fairview trail I get it. Wish those filler sections were all built.

I usually head up Harmony to Fuller to Causey on my way out to avoid the mall traffic. Usually on the way back I head down Sunnyside on the bike path which is great till it just vanished at 82nd, and then down harmony to Lake. The hard part is the left turn onto Lake- traffic is going faster than I can bike downhill (and to be honest I am pretty beat at that point) but the left turn lane is about 5 minutes faster than using the crosswalk at the intersection (plus you get some inertia for the next hill/left turn ahead) so I usually squeeze over towards the bottom of the hill and slide over. Clackistan is bipolar- people are super nice in some places, super jerks in others, and most of the though streets have relatively high average speeds (35MPH) which makes every left turn a challenge. Many of the roads around here have zero shoulders and people drive pretty fast (Rusk, Aldercrest) . My wife says "all those signs say 'stop Portland Creep, but you are already here."
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