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Originally Posted by scaryseth View Post
My size is just about the same as yours as is the type of show. Size 46, mountain bike shoe, Shimano M087. I left out that I am a daily commuter along with the occasional weekend ride.

My usual routine for rainy weather, put on over pants. When I get to work, pull off the shoes and over pants and put on a pair of shoes I keep at work. So part of my also wants to keep the quick & easy change in mind. I also do walk a little with the shoes on, mostly when I hop on MAX to skip the climb to the zoo.

Good idea about mending the sole, I have a pair of toe covers that are pretty warn on the bottom. Will probably try patching with some rubber

I understand your interest in the 'quick easy-off'. The booties I have were reasonably priced, very nicely constructed, sleekly designed, but as I said...sized rather small, so I'd say you'd have trouble getting them over a sz 46 mountain shoe. You could try...clean up the shoes, take them in and try slip a pair over them...that's what I did. Of course, there's undoubtedly a number of other bootie designs, some of them likely looser, compromising on the sleekness priority to allow easier on-off.

For use with road shoes for people that have a crazy notion not to spend money to buy walkable cleat covers, another of my funky solutions, actually an experiment that I never have really used, but did have some potential: Found an old pair of thongs (ahem...the kind for your feet.), thick sole. Got the brainstorm to cut a rectangular section from the sole where the ball of the foot is positioned. Took a sharp knife, chopped out an area for the cleat to fit in. Took the drill, put two holes horizontally through the rectangular sole piece...ran a shoestring through the holes.

Use: place the cleat of the shoe in the hollow chopped out of the sole, bring the shoestrings over the top of the foot, tie. Walk. Basically worked good, quiet, a little awkward but basically comfortable to walk on. I used them a few times. It was kind of comical. They made me think of what it might be like to wear a pair of those Japanese wood shoes...'geta' I think they're called.

By the way...I've heard of the vapor barrier strategy using a plastic bag that Alan mentions. I actually tried that a few times. I didn't personally like the performance, but it's cheap and easy to experiment with. Booties were/are much better for me.
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