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Default Wet cold feet, Considering winter shoe/boots

I have been using clipless shoes for the past year. When it is dry and warm, they are perfect. But as it gets cold and especially wet, the shoes by them selves do not cut it. I have tried multiple thicknesses of wool socks. Have taped up on the inside the vents, that has helped a little, but moisture and definitely the cold are gets in. Sealing up the bottom where the cleat attaches did stop moisture from getting in from below.

I really do not want to use a show cover. I would have to take it on and off to get the shoe on. My thinking is it would also wear out and not last as long as a dedicated shoe would.

So that leads to wondering about winter cycling shoes. Commuting daily and as wet as it gets, seems like it would be worth the investment. Only concern is that they might get a little warm.

Anyone else had experience or recommendation for any winter cycling shoes or boots? I am looking for SPD comparable.
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