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I probably should have done this up front...
The problem spot is just past the light. A novice will find themselves doing a pedestrian mode to cross the traffic lanes (blue) where the seasoned rider will take the lane and become traffic (yellow). Unfortunately, the stretch is long enough to create impatience with drivers who don't want to go 20mph to the problem intersection following a bicycle.

I don't see any easy way to fix this, but it is just another traffic feature that put a gap in cycling connectivity and the promotion of cycling. This is why I think the "expert" planners should revisit this serious shortcoming.

In light traffic, I take the lane. During rush hour, I count on the kindness of others at the crosswalk. There are -very few- kind drivers in rush hour BTW. Even if one kind soul holds up, someone else is turning right speeding around them where they cannot see you making the crossing.

When they set up MAX, they should have -required- a parallel bike path. That would have been sweet
Seems ODOT has finally found its way regarding this insane intersection. You will now find there is only 1 turn lane and a through bikelane
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