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Default Beaverton Police Car driver drives in the bike lane, SW 5th and Maple

From the description of the video at

SW 5th near the intersection with SW Maple, Beaverton, Oregon, USA, about 3:55PM, 11/23/2012. A clip from my helmet camera (Contour HD.) It was raining that today so the picture is a little fuzzy.

Whoever was driving this Beaverton Police Department car gave me more than adequate room when they passed me. However, at about 12 seconds into this video, you can see that the driver did cut the corner and roll over where the bike lane is supposed to be. Sadly, it's a little hard to determine where the bike lane is at that point since, like this driver, so many other drivers have cut that same corner that the lane marking is worn away. I don't think that "everyone else did it, so it must be OK," is a good enough excuse. I think that the Beaverton Police should try to set a better example.
Here are some stills from the video:

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