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Default Saturday morning ride

If you are out an anime path on Saturday morning and see a guy with a rear fender Strapped to his backpack, just assume he is having equipment issues. No need to tell him ( me) that he needs a rear fender... I mean hell it is strapped to my back, what do you think it is there for, added wind resistance? Sorry it's sucks to draft me but I have one morning to get to ride and I don't want to hear your passive aggressive whining over the sound of my panting up the hill, thanks.

Also if you are 25 and 3 miles into your ride passing a 45 year old 35 miles into his ride does not make you anything special. Averaging 19.7 mph over 35 miles is pretty good at my age and weight ( not to mention smoking and alcohol use history.) ride your own dam ride.

Oh and jus because you are 22 and blond does not mean the two of you can jog up the middle of the MUP without moving over.

Other than that it was a great ride.
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