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Originally Posted by AJ08 View Post
I recently bought some Planet Bike Cascadia fenders because they have a mudflap but the flaps are still about 9" above the ground. Are they going to do their job or is that too high?
That sounds a bit high, at least for the front. If you pull a string from under the tire/ground contact patch to the bottom of your bottom bracket, the bottom of the fender flap should intersect the string, for best results. It might be even better if the string went from the contact patch to the bottom of the chainring. The string is approximating the roostertail of sludge kicked up by the tire, and the idea is for the fender flap to catch as much of that spray as possible before it gets on you or the drivetrain.

I have SKS "Longboards" which went so low that they caught debris, curbs, etc. (within an inch of the ground), so I re-riveted the hanger about 2" farther back, but the mudflap still goes down within 3" of a flat surface.

Nice work, dmc! Thanks for sharing. BTW, I went with lime green bar tape recently, too.
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