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I saw some guy a bit after 5pm today, still light out but rainy and gray with dusk coming on. He had some sort of light tubes mounted up front, in front of flat bars, about 1/2" thick and 10" long on each side of the stem. They were on, I think, but weren't very bright at all, just glowing a little, basically just looked like white tubes. Maybe the batteries were low? And then on back he had a typical low/moderate power red blinky, on steady, at the base of the seat post. Only he also had a plastic bag somehow tied to the bottom of his seat (he was coming back from a commercial strip), and the bag completely covered the blinky to the rear; I just caught a glimpse of it from the side. ::sigh:: (And then, when he noticed me walking on the sidewalk, he salmoned up a bike lane to mid-block where he swerved across a gap between two cars going his way to get on the right side.)

Well, not how I ride and I hope he gets better lights, but I'm still happy to see bikes around my neighborhood.
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