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Originally Posted by Spiffy View Post
stop driving where you can't see!

everybody needs to slow down when conditions insist on it... nobody wants to slow down... those in cars that are going the fastest need to slow down even more and are the least willing to slow down at all...

the love of cars has everybody in an unbending attitude...
You have valid points but seem fixated on the speed issue.
Let me expand your frame of reference: Unsafe at Any Speed.
It evokes Ralph Nader's book but I propose that under the conditions that the first automobiles drove at night (unlit country roads and city blocks) that high power long throw headlights were necessary and useful because they were unusual. As driving became commonplace (1930s) the power needed to see the road with other headlights aiming directly into your eyes drove the intensity of headlights higher.

This is a progression that can be traced back from its seed with the Model T coming to full bloom in an automotive ecosystem where the amount of light needed to drive safely around other automobiles precludes the safety of non-automotive road users.

Arguing that automobile drivers need to slow down misses the scope of the problem : there is no speed slow enough if someone is walking around in all black.
No valid scenario you say? Only people that would dress that way are pranksters? How about a full coverage burka, all black?

Between the things that can go wrong no matter how safe you are and the way the current system is evolutionarily rigged to make driving inherently unsafe for non-motorists we can truly say that driving is unsafe at any speed.

Until we can find a way to dismantle the current paradigm it borders on sociopathic to not at least try to mitigate the injuries and deaths of pedestrians and cyclists by any means necessary.
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