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Exclamation stop driving where you can't see!

Originally Posted by Starkmojo View Post
one of those conditions is the light/ shadow pools of places like Clinton st. Where your eyes are constantly adjusting to the varying light levels.
Originally Posted by q`Tzal View Post
Heavy traffic areas and busy retail streets with bright lit ground level signs are the worst at night: our eyes are adapting to dark while the mid and far field is flooded with hundreds of discreet +1,000 lumen automotive and advertising lights.
everybody needs to slow down when conditions insist on it... nobody wants to slow down... those in cars that are going the fastest need to slow down even more and are the least willing to slow down at all...

the love of cars has everybody in an unbending attitude of not needing to use enough care when operating their cars... people need to slow down and pay more attention... they're not going to like it, but it's going to have to happen if we actually want people to stop being murdered on the street by vehicles...
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