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I have to respectfully disagree. As someone who drives a lot for work (40k last year) and plenty of it here in town I know for a fact that given the right conditions a bike can be in your headlights and nearly invisible without lighting, and one of those conditions is the light/ shadow pools of places like Clinton st. Where your eyes are constantly adjusting to the varying light levels. I am all for responsibility for the weight we as drivers roll around, but we as bicyclists have a responsibility to have adequate lighting after dark. Also as a matter of self preservation I do not see why anyone would fail to take the sensible risk mitigation step of adequate lighting.

My pet peeve is inadequate lighting. I think those 1 led bulb handlebar candles are dangerous because they give the rider the impression that they are adequately lit when in reality they are not. I also think all adult sized bikes should have to come with lighting but that's just my opinion. We wouldn't let the big 3 sell a car without lights would we?
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