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Considering that all the that the local weather hacks do is reference the deep wonky data sets provided by NOAA I feel that there is a better chance of accuracy from the source; anything that a local astrologer meteorologist adds is as accurate as random chance or an ouija board.

All that said: unless you are committed, and possibly commitable, to teaching yourself all the terminology there is little chance that you will be able to accurately decipher the scientific level maps and data sets for even what is currently happening let alone predictive models.

I settled on pulling up the PDX Base Reflectivity radar loop and watch it every few hours when there is a weather pattern moving through; this familiarizes you with the way precip bearing clouds drop their payload. When combined with some basic knowledge about how weather patterns are affected by terrain, and temperature, humidity and wind speed you will find that you get better results than the local weather face.
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