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Thanks ALL for contributing to this thread! Your input is surely appreciated.

I rode the entire route (including about five extra miles of taking the wrong turn and getting lost) this past Thursday morning.

I've changed the last 1/5th of the route to include SW Durham Rd. Here is the final iteration via Google Maps (revision 2.0) ~> 11th St & SW Jeffersons St, Portland, OR to SW Sagert St & SW Martinazzi St, Tualatin, OR

I'd rather she ride the roads of SW Durham Rd and SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd than the wooded path section to the west during the early morning hours. Especially during the winter season.

Actually the SW Terwilliger Blvd section and the final SW Hall Rd to final destination are descent sections to ride. The 4.7 miles along SW Barbur Blvd/SW Pacific Hwy is the most unpleasant section.

I rode the final route back with a slow/average commuting pace and it took me ~1hr.

Next week I'll ride the route at the actual very early hour and see how the route looks traffic wise during the week. After that, I will then ride the route during the day with her to familiarize her and warn her of any dangers or other safety issues.

I will surely show her how, and why, to take the lane on some of the SW Terwilliger Blvd descents for safety's sake. I noticed that the speed limit is 25MPH there, but, as usual, few drivers care at all to observe this.

I will post an update about her impressions of this route and taking on this bicycling commuting challenge. Until then...
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