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The hazards in OP pix is pretty much normal for a favored exersize route through Hillsboro. Every day it seems a new bottle or other form of "bike chum" has been dropped into the bike lane. Often, it is much more pronouonced than the images here. If I find a new hazard that is more than just a single event, like peppering alomst 2 miles of Connell Rd and on, I call Hillsboro Public works and they take care of it quickly. The only time I had any hesitation was when ODOT was involved, but even then, Hillsboro stepped up. Maybe contacting Tigard Public Works would get specific notices resolved in short order.

I Have yet to gain repore with Beaverton Public Works. Some things that developers get away with in Beaverton just floor me. Fortunately, their scrubbers are pretty much on the ball. We'll see how it goes now that the leaves are falling.

What I would like to see is some enforcemen for those who think it is fun to bust bottles in the bike lanes. I -know- a lot of what I run into is malicious intent. That is why I use tires that are a bit more immune to fresh shards of glass.

Maybe I am fortunate to be able to count on Hillsboro Public Works. I would only hope Tigard and Beaverton are as easy to reach and provide a reliable response to more serious hazards.
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