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"8pm, every third bike on Clinton had no lighting. ." Psyfalcon

I can't decide if you're being serious, or joking, with that number. Probably some of the latter. Out in Beaverton, I see unlit bikes frequently on 117th, near where I live. Generally later in the evening...10pm last night. Traffic isn't heavy then on this street, so their being there on this wide street with bike lanes isn't a big hazard.

In many other common situations in town; unlit neighborhood streets, sidewalks, big thoroughfares, unlit bikes are potentially big problems. I think that unless cops are assigned to a specific detail, such as 'being particularly on the lookout for unlit bikes', on a given shift, or unless they're looking for someone for which the bike being unlit gives them a pretext to stop, there's a good chance that goofs riding around their bikes without lights won't get stopped. Demand for cops to be elsewhere is too great to have self endangering vulnerable road users be a priority.

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