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I have been working with Basil, Cory Hamilton, Michael Strauch and Richard Garrison.

Cory called me yesterday around 11am after he went out and walked the stretch of Hall Blvd from the Library to Durham Rd. He said he didn't see anything, I thanked him for his call and for going out to look and that I'd double-check the troublesome areas on my way home.

So on my way home last night, I did just that. The Northbound lanes (on the Eastside of the road, heading away from Durham Rd) between Ashford and Murdock are literally choked with glass and ceramic shards. I took a lot of pictures, which are in my Flikr photostream but here's a small selection (hopefully they attach ok).

My co-worker who lives off Sattler told me that there was a street sweeper running Northbound on Hall around this area, hopefully it will all be picked up by the evening commute.
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