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Yep, full fenders covering spray onto the drive train and lower legs is pretty high on my foul-weather 'wants' on a bike.

Caveat: I have no first-hand experience putting fenders on a suspension bike. But...

You can get past the missing eyelet problem using P-clamps, hose clamps and/or zip ties. I have used all of those to mount fenders. Don't crank down harder than necessary on the hose clamps; they might get too tight and deform the tubes. Also, I bet your local bike shop has some ideas on it, too.

It can be done* but you need to think about clearances, especially how your brakes will reach around the fenders if you have rim brakes.

* http://pedalrevolutionblog.files.wor...12/08/0151.jpg (note that they use zip ties to connect to the eyelet instead of machine screws)

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