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Default Hall Blvd hazards

I've been trying to get ODOT to clean up the Hall Blvd bike lane south of hwy 99W, to no avail.

They say they've sent someone out to sweep twice in the last two weeks; I'm not sure where they were sweeping, because the bike lanes south of about Commercial St are choked.

Mostly heading Northbound, you've got glass in the crosswalk with Durham; large ceramic pieces (broken coffee cup) and a large stretch of large glass shards after Ashford; more glass and gravel after Sattler and before Bonita; large stretch of more glass shards between Bonita and McDonald; more glass after McDonald; car collision debris around the intersection before the library; more glass in the bus stop at the library; glass and gravel between the bus stop and Burnham St.

Heading Southbound, lots of gravel and small glass chunks through the entire section. Watch out for dead cat and squirrel action between the FCT and about McDonald.

The old pavement markings that are chipping away and ending up in drifts I can understand. We'll have that problem until they scrape off the old markings completely and replace them.

Just wanted to let y'all know that ODOT is aware of the problems with the Southern edge of Hall, and I'm trying to get it fixed.
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