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SW Condor. Read more HERE. The intersection has gone through some revisions since the bollards did not hold up to motorists defying the No-Left-Turn, so now it mostly just looks like every other crossing. The majority of the time it really isn't bad, but there have been a few high profile collisions caused by motorists failing to yield. I point it out just to make you aware, but don't let it deter you or the friend. I've riden that route many time without incident.

I personally take Barbur most days, just because it's faster and on day 5 of my work week the legs are burning a bit less. Understandably, many bike commuters avoid Barbur like the plague, but I've had very few truly dangerous situations along the bridges, riding in the motor lane. However, Terwilliger is just more fun and calmer. Whatever keeps your friend on the bike, do it.
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