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Thanks for your input, Salty Dog. Much appreciated! It really put into context what I experienced today.

So, today (Sunday) I rode SW Terwilliger (and then back north on SW Barbur) and SW Barbur also (and then back north on SW Terwilliger looping again).

SW Terwilliger has a grade that is certainly manageable. Not too bad. Car speeds seemed reasonable and cars were more aware of cyclists. The impression that I was left with.

Now, SW Barbur. Well, let's face it, that section is simply a highway. Five lanes wide in some places! I rode on those two bridge sidewalks that seem to be part of the bikeway. Wow, what craptastic biking infrastructure! The first bridge crossing ended in a pretty steep drop from the bridge sidewalk right into a drainage grate. Who was proud about kludging that together?!

Also, there were two (thankfully) marked road/path damaged areas. Thanks, whoever marked those!

When I was riding south on SW Barbur a Trimet bus brushed by me with less than 2' then proceeded to ride inside the bike lane. I thought it quite rude and threatening, but I bet that it would have frightened my lovely friend. Disappointing Trimet driver. (On the way back north on SW Barbur another Trimet bus driver was very courteous near an intersection.)

Lastly, again, those bridge-sidewalk crossings. It seems as if they've reinforced the bridge railing with projecting metal that further limits/impedes the sidewalk width by ~ 8"-12". Again, disappointing bike infrastructure.

lovedoctor, what is that "notorious" intersection on SW Terwilliger? I didn't see anything too bad. Maybe when SW Terwilliger crossed SW Capital Hwy?

I'm going to push for the inclusion of SW Terwilliger in the commute. The ride is fun and beautiful. The climbs manageable and the descents exciting but not too much so. It only adds ~0.5 miles to the commute length.

So here is commute including SW Terwilliger via Google Maps (revision 1.2) ~> 11th St & SW Jeffersons St, Portland, OR to SW Sagert St & SW Martinazzi St, Tualatin, OR

There! A little less boring for lovedoctor.
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