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Wink Downtown PDX to Tualatin - Commute route advice sought

Why, hello all!

I am very new to Portland. I live in north Portland, but this commute route advice request is for my beautiful friend. Being new, I am completely unfamiliar with the route that my friend needs to take from her residence to her place of employ.

First, I think that it's very brave of her to choose bicycle commuting to take her to work. It's forced, since her work early morning arrival time is before Trimet buses run, yet she does have a car at her disposal. I admire her for choosing cycling as an option!

She plans on cycling to work in the morning and returning back to downtown Portland via Trimet bus. So, one-way commute advice is desired. (north to south)

Here are the general intersections of her departure and arrival: (with Google Map link) 11th St & SW Jeffersons St, Portland, OR to SW Sagert St & SW Martinazzi St, Tualatin, OR

Ideally, I want her bicycle commute to be an optimal blend of the safest roads/paths, flattest terrain, and shortest route. This is where I need the assistance of your collective knowledge. And please, the more route details/info/cautions the better!

In addition, I plan on riding the route before she does to confirm that it is indeed safe, flat as possible, and direct as will allow.

Lastly, any commuting tips and advice that could help her would certainly be valued and appreciated. Thank you!
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