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Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
WOW! is all I can say... WOWOWOW!

Last night I rode by the moonlight and ran across a troubling issue.

I rounded the corner from Cornelius Pass Rd. onto westbound Baseline. There I saw a container for 5 lbs of #8x2" wood screws. The pointy gold colored flathead type often used for fences. The container was about 1/2 full and upon closer inspection, a good 2 lbs of screws were strewn all over the street, crosswalk, and bike lane.

I cleaned up the bike lane as best I could and absconded with 3 lbs of screws still in the container. When I got home I called the Emergency dispatch number on the Hillsboro Public Works website and they told me they would send out the police and take care of it.

Sure enough, I go by there today and they took care of it alright... someone swept -ALL- the screws into the bike lane! -ALL OF THEM!-

Needless to say I called Public Works right back and complained. I was assured that this matter will be looked into further. One of the issues is that Baseline is ODOT, not Hillsboro. No one notified Hillsboro Public Works of the incident.

Is this what we can expect from a department charged with serving and protecting us? Remember that I had already cleaned up the bike lane. It is moments like this when being American doesn't mean much. I am quite ashamed of this kind of... what do you want to call it - Ignorance, Arrogance, or Incompetence (pick 2) from those who are charged with -reasonable action - to make America a better place.
I was riding there too las night although I was on the other side. Gotta be aware, and I am glad to see that you are obviously a smart rider
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