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BikePortland's homepage is Jonathan's bread and butter so he maximizes his eyeball returns, and in doing that he juggles stuff around. Also, the WordPress open source platform sometimes has development issues, for example the Facebook "Share" plugin broke after 10K hits on the Emily Fitch story (he tweeted about that). Or the "Featured Story" item, at the top of the middle-right column, glitched about two weeks ago, resulting in old stories suddenly getting top billing (and resulting comments, which then jacked the "Hot Topics" list around). It has now been replaced with "Photo of the Day." Or, awhile back, the "B-SMaRT" link for crashes and close calls disappeared but the page is still there. So, I suspect he checked his logs and found that the calendar wasn't pulling in the clicks that his customers pay for, so he traded its space for something else.

He does have this: . It runs on if you need to allow cross-site scripting (plug: NoScript). Hmm...looks pretty good...thanks for the tip, Spiffy!
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